Zion Hill Baptist Church

Upcoming Events


Noah Merck will bring a presentation about his and his family's mission trip to Sri Lanka

on Wednesday, August 1, at 6:30.
We will meet in the sanctuary.

Come and support Noah, and rejoice in what was done on mission.


Our deacon election will be Sunday, August 12, at the end of the worship service.

Pray for wisdom as you select who will serve as servant leaders in our church.


We will have our third quarterly business meeting on Wednesday, August 15, at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall.

We will approve those serving in the new church year which begins September 1.


This month we celebrate our 150th Anniversary.

God has allowed our church to exist for a time that has spanned over three centuries,
twenty-nine presidents, seven wars, and 47 economic recessions.

God has been faithful to carry our church family through the decades.

Let us celebrate God's faithful love to our church family that started on August 20, 1868.
Let us praise Him for all for all the ministry and good that has been done, and let us seek
His forgiveness for when we have been disobedient and sinful.

Celebrate, for God's faithful love endures forever.

Sunday, August 19, is our Anniversary Celebration.
Come and celebrate 150 years of ministry as a church family.

We will have lunch and homemade ice cream following the service.
Please bring a side dish and dessert.


The Deacon's will meet Monday, August 20th at 6:30 pm.

We will meet in the Conference Room in the Educational building.
Contact Doug Wade (678) 773-4342 for any addition information.